Pierce Law Corporation

The Pierce Law Corporation is a full-service law firm based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that serves individuals, families, and businesses throughout the state.  We specialize in litigation, but engage in virtually every area of the law.  The firm understands that our world is constantly evolving, therefore we use the latest technology to ensure that we can create effective creative solutions to complex legal problems.

Although we practice in a variety of different areas, the approach is always the same - treat every case as if it  we were the client.  Unlike larger firms, we will give you the personal attention that you deserve while at the same time providing cost-effective solutions to your legal problems.  Most importantly, we focus on giving "big firm" experience and expertise without the big firm costs.

We are not afraid to go to trial.  While many firms take cases with the intent of settling from the very beginning, our firm is prepared to represent your interests to the fullest extent allowable by the law. You will have your day in court, and we are ready and willing to serve as your advocate to ensure that your voice is heard.


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